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Data from the WHO show that 25% of modern medicines are made from plants that were first used traditionally. On the other hand, Traditional medicine needs to be modernized in the twenty-first century.
For herbal medicines, the purpose of a study is not only to screen out bioactive compounds from herbal extracts for new drug development, but also to standardize and control the quality of raw herbal materials and their products to ensure the safety and efficacy; and more importantly, to reveal their preventative and therapeutic mechanisms. So far, only a relatively small number of herbal medicines have been well studied from all of these aspects all over the world and Iran is not excluded too.
To a large extent, the depth and progress of research on herbal medicines depend on the development of related technology and equipment, as well as adequate understanding of the research target, the functions and indications, and finally clinic applications of the study herb is necessary. Therefore, research and development would be integral and pivotal in our operations from beginning of the process till entering to market. Our R&D lab is being equipped with modern and convenient lab supplies to follow international reference standards.
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