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Initial processing of medicinal plants

Initial processing
This facility will be established to provide standard bulk dried herbs for processing in midstream or selling directly to the market and will be equipped with disinfection, Drying, Sorting and Packing lines.

Intermediates production

Since standard, high quality extract and essential oil are vital and integral parts of herbal medicine production, hence this site is being designed to pass international pharmaceutical regulations and delivering reliable products to downstream of the project.

Initial processing- 2 Initial processing- 1

Herbal medicine different finished goods dosage form

Herbal medicine  
Due to our company arose from reputable and well-experienced pharmaceutical holding company, a GMP approved and cutting edge facility, will be established to turn high quality herbal substances into pharmaceutical finished good dosage form including; capsule, tablet, soft gel and cream, which will play significant role in Iran health care considering preventive treatments.
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