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About us



Herbi Pharmed is establishing as one of the biggest & brilliant herbal medicine facility in Iran to meet the country and region market’s demands with premium quality and compliance with common international standards.
Our company is active in field of producing Herbal Medicine and Extracts based on Iran’s convenient ecology and rich medicinal vegetation from 2012. Herbi Pharmed with taking advantage of affiliation to second largest pharmaceutical holding company in Iran (Barakat Pharmed) and professional specialists would make bright and long-term value for patients, employees and shareholders, and takes part to sustainable development of Iran herbal medicine industry.
Our special manufacturing processes are designed by our R&D Department and enable us to provide customers with a wide range of natural extracts and Essential Oils containing high concentrations of active ingredients and to tailor make our products specifically to our customers’ requirements and our natural extracts are going to be used by customers in the nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Herbi Pharmed project consists of 3 main phases, including initial processing of medicinal plants, intermediates production and herbal medicine different finished dosage form which will be implemented step by step to complete herbal medicine supply chain and ̣create competitive advantage for entering to market.



Leading company in research, development and manufacturing of herbal medicine products in Iran.


  • Development of traditional medicine in Iran by producing natural products in the form of modern and competitive pharmaceuticals (industrializing of traditional pharmaceuticals);
  • Iran’s efficient entry into regional and trans-regional herbal medicine market and export of herbal pharmaceutical product from raw materials to finished goods;
  • Quality and quantity promotion of organic farming industry in order to produce healthy natural product in the country;
  • Creating direct and indirect job opportunity for hundreds of people in the country.


  • Working based on knowledge, expertise and ethics;
  • Commitment to manufacturing high quality, safe and effective products and services with respect to environmental issues;
  • Value creation for patients, staff and shareholders;
  • Transparency in business.








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